Testimonial/ Review


"This desertvapes brand of cinnamon red hots is the best, I love this flavor so much, it’s delicious!! My E-cig is like my pacifier, I find myself vaping when I fall asleep with it in my hand, only bad thing is that I’ve found is that the juice leaked on my hand while asleep and it took some serious scrubbing to get stain off of my hand, yes I know, stupid people problems,  LOL!!"

-Tami S


 "This is the only flavor I will purchase. Have tried many and this one is perfect!"  




Its a perfect battery for new vapers or a great low power backup to have around."



"This little pod mod works perfect. I am on refill #10 and flavor and vapor are great. Much better than the Myblu's being dumped for $1.00 everywhere. Desertvapes had all the colors in stock and shipping was quick."



"For the first time I've bought an eliquid a second time - this one. with other eliquids my coil goes bad after 3 5ml tanks and it tastes harsh. with this stuff it doesn't go harsh after 4 tanks but I go ahead and replace the coil after 3 tanks anyway because the coils don't cost that much. this has no flavoring, but I like it whether I add my cinnamon flavoring or not."



"Desert vapes has the best thug juice out there."



"This is all I buy. I'm glad I live in Arizona, I always get my juice and coils the day after I order. Tish is awesome and will always shop at Desert Vapes!"



"This tastes most like a real cigarette and is why I was able to quit smoking those horrible things.I don't care for flavors like menthol or root beer, etc. so that is why this my go to along with American Blend. I just hope it doesn't get discontinued!"

 -Caroline D


"Been using this for about two weeks was using the Triton Mini and is good but I found this to be a little better. Took me awhile but I also figured out I was mouth to lung person.  I think you get more flavor that way.  This is about all I use right now, take a break by using the tritons and kangertech SS mini. All of them are good, depends on what you want to use it for." 

-Eric K


"Shipped promptly and exactly as ordered - very pleased!"

-Carole W


It's a great flavor..not so much a candy flavor but more fruity."



"Perfect ... exactly as ordered..fast shipping.  reasonably priced..my favorite.  had hard time finding replacement of a simple pink glass small drip tip ..  Use it all the time ..  Waiting now for Desert Vapes to get another shipment in so I can get a clear one just like it ..  Definitely recommend this Co for online shopping."  



"I have tried the upgrade coil‘s and find that the VOCC  coil’s are far superior, not only in flavor but also in durability. They last over twice as long as the upgrade coil. They may cost a little more money But well worth it."



"I've ordered from DesertVapes for the last few years. The shipping is always extremely fast (and reasonably priced), their products are authentic, and they've kept prices unbelievably low over the years. Their customer service is also top notch - I think the woman's name is Tish and she is both very friendly and extremely helpful. In addition, they have excellent security practices in place and take the time and precautionary measures to prevent any fraudulent orders. I'm a huge fan of this company and recommend them to all those I know who vape. Keep up the great work!!!"

-Cam, Raleigh, NC


 "Love this company. Awesome customer service, definitely my go to place to order online."

-Ashley Z.


 "I love their customer service! Tish is super kind, their prices are amazing and their Vapes are Out-of-this-World!"

-Jim S.


 "I have a favorite local store but they don't always carry what I need. When that happens I order from DesertVapes, my favorite store online!"

-Patrick W.


"So glad I found this shop, I've been doing business with them for over a year now and it's always such a pleasant experience."

-Jacob R.


"I've explored many other companies over the years and always come back to DesertVapes!!!"

-Jenn F.


"I get what I need at very reasonable prices and super fast delivery! I love this place, great juice too!"

-Kellie K.


"Placed an order 2 weeks ago and was so impressed that I'm getting ready to place another one today! Great prices, shipping, products...great everything!"

-Kendra C.


"Excellent! I have ordered online from DesertVapes a couple times and the quality, prices are top notch! Not to mention the extremely fast shipping! Thank you!!"

-Patti B.


"This place rocks. Great prices and fast shipping."

-Joey Z.


"Absolutely love DesertVapes!! They are amazing helpful people with awesome customer service! Shipping is amazingly fast! Recommended to everyone I know."

-Elizabeth R.


"Just like what everyone is saying on this social network, Desertvapes can't be beat. These guys are blowing smoke in their eyes."

-Michael A.