Smoktech Extender Black

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The Smoktech Externder is made of stainless steel (inside) and aluminum (outside).

1. Telescopic tube, an protected 18350/18500/18650 battery is allowed by adjusting the length of the inner tube.
2. Li-ion batteries are inserted from the top part, fix the telescopic tube and screw the top part off of the tube, then insert your Li-ion battery.
3. Magnetic button, this button is located on the bottom of the mod.

This mod comes with a 510 connector which can fit most 510 atomizers such as vivi nova clearomizers or Aspire CE5 BDC 510 clearomizers.

* Users must use PROTECTED li-ion battery on this product.
* The product may explode if you use unprotected li-ion battery.
* The top part of SMOK mod pairs the positive pole of the li-ion battery,the bottom pairs the negative pole of the li-ion battery.
* We are NOT responsible for any damage caused by the misuse of the battery.

Size:Length 120mm(18650)/94mm(18350); Diameter 25mm

Batteries: NOT INCLUDED (1 x 18650 batteries or 1x 18350)

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY: The Galileo DOES NOT come with an 18650 battery, 18350 battery or a Lithium Ion battery charger! If you need these items, please add them to your order before checkout.

Warranty: 60 Days