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We understand that our wide selection of products can seem overwhelming to people new to vaping. The good news is 99% of the products on our site are designed to be inter-changeable with each other and can be broken down into 3 basic categories; Batteries, Chargers, and a Vaporizing Top. Selecting the right one will depend on your personal taste, preferences and Vaping goals. Give us an call at 480-478-3315  and will be happy to help you pick out the right set-up for you.

What is “Vaping”?

Vaping is the hobby or action of using an electronic cigarette. 

Is Vaping safe?

The FDA has not yet tested the saftey of Electronic Cigarettes. HOWEVER, we know that cigarettes contain over 4000 known chemicals including heavy metals and carbon monoxide and kill more the 1200 people a day in the US alone. The e-liquid consumed in electronic cigarettes is made only from Propylene Glycol (a USP Food Grade version of “Fog Machine” Liquid), Food Grade Flavorings and between 0.6% and 2.4% nicotine. If you have health concerns, please speak with your doctor about the potential benefits or drawbacks of electronic cigarettes.

Is Vaping for everyone?

No, Vaping is not for everyone. First you need to realize that Vaping is not Smoking. Smoking is simple. Light it, Smoke it, Put it out. Vaping, although not complex, does take time to get used to. You WILL have leaks, You WILL have flooding issues, You WILL get a burnt taste sometimes. Everyone does at first. But the good news is, we are here to help you solve and avoid many of these issues with a quick phone call. And in a short time, Vaping will become like second nature to you. 

I’m new to Vaping. How do I get started?

If you're new to e-cigs, we recommend starting with a Pre-Made Starter Kit. These kits come with everything you need to get started minus a bottle of E-Liquid. And don't worry about having to buy a whole new setup each time you want to try something new. Your start kit will be 99% compatible with all of the other batteries, tanks, atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizer sold on our site.

What e-liquid should I get?

Most people find that 24mg strength e-liquid has roughly the same amount they receive in a standard, filtered cigarette. This makes a good choice of first time Vapers. 

My e-cig order did not come with instructions. Why?

Due to the fact that most e-cigs are a combination of several different vendors and parts, formal manuals are not available for most e-cig parts sold today. However, explaining how to use your e-cig can be done in just a few minutes over the phone. Please give us a call at 480-478-3315 and we will be happy to assist you step-by-step through the set-up process.

How to I care for my e-cig?

1. Every day or two it is recommended that you clean your e-cig.

2. Unscrew the e-cig top from its battery.

3. Point the battery end of the atomizer into a paper towel. Now blow the excess liquid out until it's gone.

4. Wipe the battery connections of both the atomizer and battery to remove excess liquid.

NOTE: NEVER LET YOUR ATOMIZER RUN DRY! It makes your vapor taste bad and can shorten it’s life span.


I’m getting weak vapor. What’s going on?



Not enough e-liquid reaching the atomizer.



Check e-liquid levels and make use you have good airflow. 






Too much e-liquid in the atomizer. Flooded



Blow excess liquid from the vaporizing top into a paper towel or "whip" the e-cig towards the ground, tip down (if you are outside). Either of these actions will remove excess liquid and "reset" the e-cig. Check that you do not have missing or damaged o-rings that the e-cig has not been dropped or damaged. Make sure the top is not screwed on too tight as restricted air flow can cause flooding.






Low battery



Charge battery. If life span has shortened, it’s time to replace.






Dead or weak Atomizer or Coil.



Atomizer or Coil my be weak or damaged. It’s time to replace.