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Efest Slim K1 Charger

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    Charge your battery with the Efest Slim K1 Charger. The Efest Slim K1 Charger is a high quality with a cost-efficient and portable design. The Efest Slim K1 Charger is a single slot charger with Micro USB input and charges at 1A. The LED indicates when your battery is charging and when the battery is fully charged. The Efest Slim K1 Charger features reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge protection and many more safety features. The Efest Slim K1 Charger can charge different types of 3.6V/3.7V lithium batteries commonly used in electronic cigarettes, flashlights, electric tools, and more.

    Efest Slim K1 USB Charger
    Efest Slim K1 USB Charger
    Efest Slim K1 USB Charger
    Efest Slim K1 USB Charger
    Efest Slim K1 USB Charger

    1. Auto Detect Charging Function
    2. Low Voltage Activation Function
    3. Short Circuit Protection
    4. Reverse Polarity Protection
    5. Over Charging Protection
    6. Piano Wire Spring Provides Smooth Sliding Action - 15,000+ Tensile Test
    7. Chromium Plated Steel Cathode Insures Low Resistance While Achieving A More Precise Charging Voltage
    8. Portable Design with Quality Piano Strings
    9. Battery Life LED Indicator Light
    10. Single Slot 5V/1A Micro USB Charger

    Brand: Efest
    Fast Charging Mode: 1.0A
    Compatible with: 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 16650, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 20700, 26500, 26650
    AC Input Power: AC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
    DC Output Power: DC 5V 1A
    DC Input Power: DC 5V 1A
    1A CC Current: 1000mA (+/-10%)
    Auto Cut-Off Voltage: 4.20 (+/-0.05V)
    CV Cut-Off Current: <100mA
    Standby Current: <20mA
    Activation Current: 50mA - 100mA
    Auto Recharge Voltage: 4.10 (+/-0.10V)
    Operation Temperature: 0C - 40C
    Storage Temperature: -40C - 70C

    Each set contains:
    1pc Slim K2 Charger Body
    1pc USB Cable
    1pc Warranty Card
    1pc User Manual

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